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Dungeons and Dragons Classes Explained [Comics]

A fatastic series of comics by artist @bunboiarts explaining some of the most popular classes you can play in D&D! [Source: @bunboiarts] The post Dungeons and Dragons Classes Explained [Comics] appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

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How Untreated ADHD Causes Depression [COMIC]

From ADHD Alien: “The incorrect and negative beliefs we can get from years of negative feedback not knowing we have ADHD or how it affects our lives. While not everything is solely caused by ADHD, it can affect us and our comorbidities in many, many ways. Good news is, treating …

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Japan debuts robots at hotels for coronavirus patients

Robot staff debuted at a Tokyo hotel used for mildly sick coronavirus patients under a new plan to free up beds at hospitals overburdened with more severe cases. Pepper, a talking robot, greets new guests at the lobby, while Whiz, a cleaning robot, operates in areas where patients pick up …

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